Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tanjong Scholarship Interview (Questions)

Hi! I received email from Tanjong saying that I have been shortlisted for the Tanjong Scholarship Awards 2010 Interview. Here's some of the details.
Wednesday, 2 June 2010
Level 29, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Go in, and register at the counter first... before going to Level 29. Level 29 is so high up, you might feel a little discomfort when you reach there. I was told that my interview starts at 3pm (yes, some scholarship interview will need you to be here about 30 minutes earlier before interview starts to prevent you from being late)

Then, a lady came and ask me to hand over the documents they asked to bring in the email. She checked and certify the photocopies of the documents. She also asked for a photocopy of IC but this is not mentioned in the email. Luckily I have extra copy in my folder. Hence, always remember to prepare extra documents that you think is needed in scholarship application in your bag!

Interview starts here:
One of the interviewer came out of the room and invited me to go in! I saw 3 interviewers, 1 male and 2 females. In my opinion, they look a little strict.

Here are 'some' questions they blast me with (l0l).

Introduce yourself
Tell us about your co-currcular activities in Form 5 and Form 6.
Do you go to tuition?
Do you encounter any problem when you are a prefect?
Are you working currently (after STPM) and after your SPM?
How do you come here today?
Are you close with your father?
Is your mother working?
Your father is working in what company? What is the thing he transport?
Do you have a computer? How old is it? Do you upgrade it? Who buy it?
What internet connection you are using? Who pay for it?
What do you like to do during your free time?
Do you go hangout with your friends- cinema, party?
Have you ever go vacation in other states with you family?
Have you ever go out as a family? How often?
Do you have a car? What type of car?
The house you are currently staying is owned or rent?
Is the house still under loan repayment?
How old is the house and car?
Any other relative staying together (grandmother)?
Do you give money to your grandmother? How much?
Does your relatives give you award when you excel in examinations?
Why do you want to study this course?
How do you rate your current family condition?
Tell us why you deserve to get this scholarship?
What would you do if you cannot get this scholarship?
Any other scholarship you applied? Any reply?

I think the interview questions asked in Tanjong Interview is very strict and very detail!!!

Finally, done. My friend who went for this interview as well, received a letter that asked her to submit her offer letter before a date. But I did not get that. Means, I already fail in the interview.

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