Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wah Seong Scholarship Interview

I received a call and an email from Wah Seong informing that I am eligible to go for their interview.

Venue: The Gardens North Tower, Mid Valley City

The place is pretty easy to reach, that is by KTM but I am going with my friend's car who is also shortlisted. In the email, they list out the documents you need to bring along and you have to inform the person in charge, whether you are able to attend the interview.

When we reach there, the person in charge (interviewer) check all our documents and certify it with the copy we sent for application.Meanwhile, we are asked to write an essay (200 words) about our family. Well, we are not told to prepare for an essay writing in the email, so I just write with some grammar mistakes here and there...

How Many Interviewers: There are 2 interviewers, one male and one female.

Later, the interview starts. One by one go in. They will read the essay on the spot and question us. Interviewers mainly asked about your family background and your financial stability. Wah Seong is more concerned on your financial stability and they give scholarship without looking at your course.

At the end of the interview, they will took a photo of you with their camera so that they don't forget who you are after a few days.

Both the interviewers are very friendly, so don't worry!

Lastly, they ask me how I go there and handed meRM15 as allowance

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  1. hi, i thought the yayasan wah seong 2014 will only closed on 30 June? Yet, your interview session was way before that dateline?