Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lion-Parkson Foundation Scholarship/Loan Interview

I went to interview for this Lion-Parkson Foundation Education Loan. I only qualified to interview for interest-free educational loan as I am not applying for Engineering course(engineering related to their company main business). I received the notification from them through call and email last week. The interview was held in the Lion Group human resources department in the Office Tower.

When I reach there, I was required to do a short screening by the officer there. The officer also checked my certificates and bills. They asked questions regarding my family. Here's what I recalled

How many members in your family?
Any other living with you? (Grandparents etc)
How is your parents' health condition?
How much money do you provide to your Grandparents per month?
How much money is needed for your siblings education? (include transport, food, books)

After that, I waited for my turn for interview....

Now, they asked me to go in...

I saw 2 interviewers, both are Chinese women. The interview was done one by one where I went in myself not as in JPA interview where there are a few interviewees at the same time. I remembered to greet them (I think I forgot to ask for a sit and sit without asking). I did not manage to shake hand with them as the table is very big (those used for meeting). Here are the questions they asked along the interview:

Tell us about yourself, your family and your co-curricular activities.
Which co-curricular activity you are most active in?
Have you ever encounter any problems in your clubs and how do you solve it?
How do you balance between your studies and your co-curricular activities?
Which type of committee you like to work with?
Which type of committee you hate to work with?
How your friends describe you?
How your teachers decribe you?
Why do you apply/want to study this course?
How do you see yourself in the future?
Your father is working with this company(), what is the company about?
Your father's job is a contract or a permanent job?
What's your father's retirement age?
Your hobby is reading, so what is your favourite book?
Your hobby is exercise, so do you go to gym or just around your house?
Do you apply for any other scholarships or loan? Name them. Any reply?
Do you have any questions for us?

Good Luck!

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