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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OCBC Scholarship Interview Guide

Hi, I received a call from OCBC saying that I am shortlisted for their interview. I was really happy because this scholarship worth RM10000 per annum, which is the one that offer the highest amount among all the scholarships I applied.

Venue: 4th floor, Wisma Lee Rubber, Masjid Jamek, KL
They did not send any email as with other scholarships and can only be contacted through phone. Hence, please take down the name of the caller and their number in case you need to ask anything later.

The venue is quite easy to reach, you just need to take the LRT to Masjid Jamek and when you alight, it is just in front of you and within a walking distance.
Since I am from Klang Valley, I am not able to claim the allowance.
When I enter the interview room, I saw 6-7 interviewers. Yes! 6-7 humans. This is the most number of interviewers that I have ever encountered in a scholarship interview. I am shock but try remains calm. Is it because they give RM10k per annum that they need 6-7 people to check and examine you?

Introduce yourself.
Why you choose this course?
What would you like to do after you graduate?
Are you afraid of the future?
What do you think about the animal testing issues (current issues that are related to your course)?
And other similar questions from other scholarship interviews.

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