Thursday, January 9, 2014

JPA Interview Experience

Hello! I just went for the JPA scholarship interview just now at Putrajaya. My interview started at 8.00 am...*yawn*...I do not know which floor or room it is. They only write there Putrajaya. So, when I reach there, I just follow the crowd or other candidates into the lift. And there....I reached my destination.
First, I have to find my panel 12 and then report to the clerk there. Actually, I am the 5th interviewee but the clerk thought that the 4th person didn't come. So, the clerk gave me pin number 4 instead. Since there is a lack of a person, the clerk asked another person from different session to fill in the empty space. Later on, the 4th person came, and took the number 6 pin. So, there was a total of 6 interviewees! (other rooms only got 5 but 3 interviewers)
At 8.10am, we queue up and the 1st person knock the door...Knock..Knock...Then we go inside. I wanted to ask whether we can sit or not, but the Chinese girl beside me, Adlyn already asked. Well, good! This is what you should do for interview! Oh ya! Remember to say "Good morning". There are 2 interviewer (1 Indian woman-A & 1 Malay woman-B....they didn't introduce themself at all). Ok, this is the conversation, I didn't record it, but I can roughly remember it:
A: Baiklah, kita mulakan dengan sesi pengenalan diri dulu. Sila gunakan Bahasa Malaysia kerana kita hendak menguji kemahiran berbahasa anda. Tolong beritahu
1) Nama
2) Sekolah
3) Pekerjaan ibu bapa dan gaji
4) Kursus yang dipilih & Pengkhususan
5) Anak yang keberapa daripada berapa orang adik-beradik
(They got give you paper to jot down anything & please bring your own pen)
And so, after I copied down only the others start to copy also...the 3rd boy beside me..arghhhh...copying what I wrote...some more can ask me, what word is that on my paper?...*sigh*...The 6th boy even asked the interviewer to repeat...

For the 1st boy:
Q: Kursus apa yang awak pilih?
A: Engineering
Q: Khusus dalam?
A: Mechanical engineering
Q: Mengapa pilih kursus ini?
A: Erm...Sebab saya nak buat ...first degree..what do we call first degree in BM?? (he's asking the girl beside answer..). Sorry, can I speak in English??
Q: Tak boleh : ( ....
A: Ok...(Then he speak...mix a lot in English)

That is roughly how it is. Then they will shoot you a lot of tough questions and make you stutter. The introduction part already took more than 1 hour. So, the discussion in English is really short and crisp because it has been passed 9.00 am.

The question for the English discussion is: What is the current thing that affects you and why? (all of the interviewees were copying the question except me..and again someone asked the interviewer to repeat..). All of them were given 1 minute to think, except me! You know why??
I was told by A that I will be given another question...WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY am I so UNLUCKY???? Why didn't she tell me the question first before reading the question to others???? Haih......A even created the question for me herself instead of reading it from the list of questions..........

Well my question was regarding law since I chose law.
Q: I am sure you would have heard of block out cases right? This issue was raised up last year too. So, can you tell me what you think about this issue?
A: ......( I don't know what is that..and I have never heard of it before in my life...) Erm...what is block out cases? (embarassing...)

So, you better be prepared! It is not always that you will be given time to think your answers!
By the way, if you are really interested to know how is the interivew, I would tell you that you will be sitting on the chairs in a row with others closely ( not much space in between, like in cinema). The interviewers will have a table in front of them, around 5 feet from you. The room is really very very cold until I am shivering throughout the interview!! And they cannot make the room less cooler because they said it is a centralised system...So, that is roughly how it is.

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