Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Prepare for Scholarship Interview

Getting a scholarship is extremely important at this juncture, for your future...Well, let's not waste time. Here are my advise:

1) Prepare all your documents. Check the checklist which are usually provided in the scholarship form. Put them properly into the certificate folder.

2) Get your documents certified (if needed). You can always go back to your secondary school to get the headmaster or Guru Penolong Kanan (GPK) who are eligible to certify. Normally, your teachers will direct you to the right person who are capable to certify..don't worry too much about that.

3) Get your necessary forms printed at least 2 days earlier. You know, whenever we want to print something really important, the printer will be broken down or gives you all kinds of technical problems. The earlier you prepare, the better!

4) This might sounds lame..but, I still got to say it : Just be yourself!
If you want to cry or gossip or anything, just go ahead..I cried during a scholarship interview because I talked about how my dad worked really hard to support the family ( I followed my dad to work and  I know exactly how tiring it was). Plus, I also talked about how I used to laze around and chit chat when I was working as a part time promoter...seriously..thinking back, I wondered how could I talked about such things in front of 4 strangers...but the interviewers are seriously good in digging info from me (they are really nice to me and talked to me like good friends)...but the thing is, I got hold of the scholarship that I really wanted and I'm really satisfied after the interview (probably because I've never been more spontaneous than ever?)

5) I thought this might be common sense but some people might have extraordinary common sense...Please wear appropriately. Usually it'll be formal if the dress code is not mentioned. To be safe, baju kurung is the universal dress in Malaysia!

6) Check for the interview venue. Please back up with some public transport alternatives! Seriously, when my friend went for an interview, the KTM station was down...and her boyfriend had to depend on the GPS to bring her there...I really felt pity for the guy who had to drive all the way to an alien location with just the help of the unreliable small talking device.

7) Please arrive at the office at least 30 minutes earlier! I used to be late for an interview just because the KTM's departure was delayed!!! Luckily, I managed to go for the next session, but I'll have to wait for 2 hour...:(

8) It's perfectly fine to make a copy of a document that you are unsure whether it's needed or not. Some words are quite ambiguous that made you to mistaken that you may not need the document. But, if the document is really important and it doesn't make sense not to bring it, please, by all means, bring a copy of it. Or else, you'll end up like me, spending 50 cent just to photostat my 1 page result slip at that complex!

All my mistakes were made when I went for interviews after my Form 5 (still fresh that time)...After Form 6, I never make such mistakes anymore...:)


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