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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PIDM Scholarship Interview 2012

Somehow, I was very happy when the interview was over...I kept on whistling and smiled to myself as I walked out from the PIDM office in Quill 7! I don't know if it was because it's finally over or because I thought that I did it perfectly?!  :P

The journey to Quill 7 was fast as the KTM has revamped their system to be more efficient. Thus, I reached KL Sentral earlier by an hour. 

Then, I went to the PIDM office in Level 12. There were refreshments being served on the table for interviewees! The curry puff was crunchy and delicious. Then, a woman came in and check my result slips and then gave me RM 40 for transport allowance! That was so cool! I got food and money just for going there! If you are staying further than KL, you'll get more for transport allowance. How thoughtful PIDM was! Lovely :)

Then, I was called into the interview room. There were 4 people altogether. First one was a Chinese lady, second was a Malay guy (chief financial officer - CFO of PIDM), thirdly was a foreign lady probably hails from UK and lastly was a Chinese lady (public relations something...).

All of them introduced their names and post in PIDM. All of them had a copy of my application form including the 1000 words essay.

Some of the questions being asked were:
- Have you had your breakfast? (the only question asked by the first lady)
- Introduce yourself
- What course and uni you get?
- How will getting into uni change your life?
- What's UPU? That's because I mentioned that...
- What is your weakness ? (asked by the CFO --I love this question :)
- Did your siblings have scholarships as well and what were they doing?
- How will the course change your life?
- What do you mean by policy development as written in your essay ? (asked by the last lady)
- Why don't you become a teacher instead since language is your strength? 
- Why do you think that language is your strength? (you see...they would continue to ask questions based on your reply from the previous question)
- Who is your role model? (damn...I didn't prepare for this)
- You mentioned you were a promoter...what products did you promote? (wahh...they really wanted to know until so detailed meh..)
- What do you know about PIDM?
- Why should we give you this scholarship?
- Any questions you would like to ask us?

All the interviewers had a great sense of humour and they are generous with laughter especially the foreign lady...Well, I'm good with English sense of humour :D
The last lady always asked critical and difficult questions while the first lady and CFO was pretty quiet.
The whole interview session took about 20-30 minutes and I did crapped a lot...well..there were 4 interviewers with great posts and they were all wearing black coat like Men in Black! It may looked intense but I actually had a great fun time in the meeting room.

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