Saturday, July 28, 2012

PIDM Scholarship Announcement!

That is also if you are waiting...

I was dreaming of an orange snake before I got a surprise call from PIDM on 27 July 2012  (Friday) in the afternoon. The conversation was like this:

PIDM: May I speak to ...? 
Me: Zz..Yes, speaking...zzz
PIDM: I'm from PIDM. 
Me: Ahh ha...
PIDM: You know why I'm calling you?
Me: (LOL)...erm...I think so...
PIDM: Hahaha... You already expected?
Me: Haha...ermm...
PIDM: ..Congratulations! You got the scholarship from PIDM!
Me: Thank you.. Thank you!
PIDM: I'm just telling you first so that you can sleep peacefully. 
PIDM: I'm still drafting the letter now. You should able to receive the letter by next week. I'll send to your house by Pos Laju Courier. I'll give you a call before I send it.. if I remember...Then you'll have to sign and send it back to us within a certain time period. On the 21 and 22 Sept (Fri & Sat) you'll have to attend the Mentoring program and the scholarship award ceremony. 
Me: Okok! But..September already start schooling...
PIDM:'ll have to skip class or else you don't get the scholarship..haha...You'll have to choose one!
Me: Okok..I'll just take one day off. Thank you.

As she said, I'm sort of expected? I think so... the fact that I was terribly happy after the interview somehow showed a positive sign. PIDM's interview was the most spontaneous and straightforward interview I'd ever undergone. Why spontaneous? I thought that they would ask questions that focused on their company, so I revised a lot about the company...even memorized the board of directors' names which remains idle in my brain. Besides, PIDM asked a lot of detailed personal life questions which weren't asked from other interviews. I'm happy when I know that I'm selected to receive the scholarship, but I was way more elated after the interview was over that day. 

The scholarship will be offered on a yearly basis to a maximum of ten successful applicants, to undertake up to 4 years of undergraduate studies locally.
The statement just makes me feel honoured. Just like the drama's dialogue by a villain, "Sometimes, I'm just too proud of myself!"

But...Was I too lucky recently or were there very scarce number of applicants since they required applicants to write 1 000-words essay or was it because I was really a deserving student? 

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