Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Touch N Go Penalty

Perhaps most of us don't realize this (Touch N Go Penalty), but it is advisable to check your statements every time you use your touch n go. The e-statement is available online and its free! You need to wait for them to approve you first and wait for 48 hours before you can see your statement updated.

Last month, I was using my TNG in monorail station. When I was about to touch out, there's error occurring in the display and I couldn't get out. Since I am rushing, I just touch again and went. But I realize that my balance is much lower and I am sure they must have charged be so much extra. Then I went to the counter and ask why. Well, the personnel said that they are not able to check and I should call the careline of TNG instead.

After 2 days, I check my statement, PENALTY! RM5 nett gone..

Hence, I emailed them (they reply quite fast).

Thank you for contacting Touch 'n Go.

We regret to learn that there was maximum fare charge occurred on your card for your journey at Monorail Station on 31 January 2012.

In the case of train fare deduction through Touch 'n Go card, the occurrence of maximum charge may be due to 'system error' or failure of user to adhere to proper card usage such as,

1. The card did not have complete transaction ('touch in' and 'touch out' for previous journey either at KTM-Komuter, LRTs or Monorail) when touch for the new journey.

2. 'Touch in' and 'touch out' at the same station after more than 1/2 hour

3. 'Touch in' at the originating and 'touch out' at the exit station exceeded time limit (> 4 hours)

4. Touch more than once at the reader upon entry & exit station

Please provide us the entry and exit stations and your details (full name, IC no. and mailing address) for refund request.

Kindly confirm the preferred refund option via a return email.
1) Cheque 2) Credit into your bank account (the account no. must be provided to us)

I hope you all can benefit from this post and obey the rules of using Touch N Go card in order to avoid your money being sucked! Therefore, if you encounter any error on the screen, just head to the counter.

I am currently waiting for their refund. (others said it might take up to 1 month)

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